Walk-Out Basement Benefits

One of the great features of the Cliffs of Cibolo neighborhood is the topography; the hills give this community a ton of character. Coincidentally, they also provide the perfect setting for a feature not often seen on South Texas homes: a walk-out basement. In addition to being unique for the San Antonio area, walk-out basements make the best use of sloped lots, as you can see below.

From the front, this home appears to be only two stories, but the back view shows a walk-out basement with an open door to the back yard. A deck and stairway have been added to ensure the first floor of the home also has clear access; many of our homeowners love this arrangement and think of the basement space as being the perfect hideaway.

More importantly, a home with a walk-out basement provides move value and offers a number of extra benefits:

  • More space. Depending on the home model, a walk-out basement  can add more than a thousand square feet onto a home. That's a significant addition for those in need of extra room.
  • Flexibility. McMillin builds walk-out basements that are fully appointed and functional, complete with a bedroom and closet, full bathroom, and large multi-purpose room. The space is ideal for a home office, media room, apartment, and more.
  • Cost savings. Constructing a walk-out basement is more cost effective than pouring a large concrete foundation, so it lowers the per-square-foot price of the home.
  • Resale value. Basements aren't very common in Texas, and functional basements are even more rare. If you ever have to sell your home, the extra space and uniqueness will give you an advantage.

Below is a floor plan for a walk-out basement. As you can see, it adds a great deal of space to an already good-sized home:


For more information about available lots or move-in-ready homes with walk-out basements, visit the Preserve or Terraces at the Cliffs of Cibolo or contact Kim Imhoff at (210) 745-0884.