Designed for San Antonio, Designed for You

There's no denying that San Antonio is a unique place; in fact, the entire Texas Hill Country, from Austin to Pleasanton (let's not argue about the boundaries), is almost a world unto itself. That means it's often an inspiring place to live and work, and that's particularly true if you're in a business that is influenced by local culture.

In the case of McMillin Homes, one of our goals is to capture the best of our area's natural beauty and culture for use inside and outside our homes and communities. That's no small task, given the variety we have in South Texas, but it's a challenge we're willing to tackle for our homeowners.

The secret to our success?

McMillin Homes works with San Antonio-area architects and designers

Craftsman-style homeIt's as simple as that. Interestingly—and, perhaps, sadly—that's not always the case with some builders, many of whom seem to think a house is a house, wherever you are. Take, for example, the house on the right, which is a classic Craftsman-style home.

Don't get me wrong—it's a fine-looking home. However, it's built in a style that is typically suited to other areas and doesn't necessarily fit into McMillin's custom San Antonio communities. Contrast that with the photo below, which shows one of the homes in our Presidio development.

McMillin Presidio model home

From the colors to the stone work to the landscaping choices, this home belongs in the Texas Hill Country. If you take a look at some of the neighborhood photos or visit one of our model homes, you'll see that the interiors also complement the range of styles seen in the San Antonio area.

Our homeowners are part of the design process

Our McMillin Mission says it all: "[W]e know every family has unique needs, so we remain flexible in allowing further customization and minor modifications so that your home performs as you require." This is where South Texas style meets your style.

Additionally, we have a 5,200-square-foot Design Center where every McMillin homeowner goes to select their own colors, options, and upgrades. Over the course of three appointments, you're provided the opportunity to customize almost every inch of your home.

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