McMillin Homes is San Antonio's Largest Green Builder

That may be our headline, but it's not our story; according to the June 16, 2010 print edition of the San Antonio Business Journal, McMillin Homes ranks as the number one San Antonio green residential builder. It's based on the overall number of green homes built in 2009 (we built more than 250, for those keeping score).

Normally, we don't toot our own horn too loudly, as we prefer to let our accomplishments and homes speak for themselves. But in this case, we saw an opportunity to make a couple of important points about McMillin's commitment to environmentally sustainable practices as part of doing what's right for our communities and homeowners.

McMillin has always been green

That's taken verbatim from McMillin Green, the part of our website that explains why we're committed to green building and living and what we're doing to support it. It begins in site selection and planning and extends all the way through construction, cleanup, and ongoing education. Still, we know that saying it is one thing; giving concrete examples is what matters.

  • All McMillin homes are built to ENERGY STAR® specifications, making them up to 30% more energy efficient than standard homes.
  • We incorporate sustainable construction materials and recycle 100% of scrap wood, drywall, and concrete during construction.
  • McMillin develops communities that complement not just local style and culture, but also local topography, water needs, and other environmental considerations.
  • In addition to green features that are standard with every McMillin home, we offer customers options that help them decrease their environmental footprint and save money.

Being green doesn't stop with construction

We may be able to claim the title of San Antonio's biggest green residential builder, but an even loftier goal is to create communities and homes that truly are sustainable. The only way to do that is to help our homeowners embrace a greener lifestyle without having to reinvent the wheel or decrease their quality of life.

That's why we offer a steady stream of tips through our blog that are designed to help McMillin homeowners take easy, ongoing steps toward going green. Just in the last six months, we've covered:

I think you see where we're going here. We love being noticed as a green builder, and our commitment to those principles only increases with time. Our ultimate goal, however, is to ensure that our communities and our homeowners reflect an ongoing embrace of green principles that continues long after the final nail has been driven.

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