Pathways, Parks, Pooch Plazas, and Other Features

At last glance, San Antonio was a pretty big place. Almost 1.5 million people make this area their home, and new residents continue to pour in to enjoy the warm weather and vibrant Hill Country culture. That translates to a pretty good-sized need for housing.

Well, a quick glance up Highway 281 or Interstate 10 gives you plenty of options; it seems like new developments pop up at a rate on par with the spring bluebonnets. But how do you choose? What do those communities have that turn you from a browser to a buyer? Let's face it: a lot of these places look the same.

They're not, of course, and McMillin communities tend to stand out more than the competition. One of the biggest reasons is that McMillin hires local designers and architects to create our homes and communities, which means they tend to better complement the natural beauty of the area. But that's not it.

The McMillin difference lies in the details

The Cliffs at CiboloYou get a glimpse of that when you simply drive into one of our communities, such as The Cliffs of Cibolo, seen to the right. Our community entrances are designed to set the tone for the development and make you feel welcome and comfortable from the very beginning. In other words, they welcome you home.

That continues through details like uniform signage, iron work on street signs, and specialty lighting, all of which blend with the look and feel of the common areas. Ultimately, every component is selected to support the community’s theme and instill a sense of neighborhood.

Lifestyle features for every member of your family

This is something we can't emphasize enough, especially since it's a Hill Country homebuilder tradition to leave little green space in their communities. Sure, one or two might carve out a small area and call it a park, but it might be tucked away on the far side of a large development and feature nothing more than a treeless field. They're neither convenient nor functional.

That's just part of the reason we landscape carefully and include features like pocket parks in our communities that are easily accessible and intended to provide a quick respite. Consider the following example from one of our communities:

This pocket park is placed where it's within quick reach of the surrounding homes and gives our homeowners a comfortable, shaded place to while away the time. Sure, that kind of thing alone may not turn a browser into a buyer, but our homeowners tend to agree that McMillin's advantage is in having considered those kinds of details that cumulatively affect the quality of life in their communities.





Want more proof? Look no further than how far we're willing to go for man's best friend:

Yep, that's one of our dog parks—from the same community as the pocket park above, in fact. Admittedly, the dogs may not recognize the value of such a thing, but their owners certainly do. These are the details that bring neighbors together and help build communities.

And building communities—not just houses or developments—is our goal.

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