Walk Into the Benefits of a Walk-Out Basement

Building homes in the Texas Hill Country or San Antonio area presents a couple of challenges. In many cases, you can only dig down about three inches before hitting solid rock, which causes material and mechanical difficulties. Moreover, you have to sometimes contend with the sloped Texas hills themselves. McMillin Homes is addressing this problem by building homes at the Cliffs of Cibolo with walk-out basements.

A walk-out basement (sometimes called a daylight basement) is pretty much what it sounds like: a basement that has a doorway leading to ground level or an outside patio. It's built into the side of the hill, however, so it's not necessarily visible from the front of the home; what looks like a two-story house may actually have a third story tucked away in the back. But outside of more room, how does the homeowner benefit from a walk-out basement?

Cost Savings

I know, you're probably thinking this is counterintuitive—after all, we're talking about building into the side of a hill. But it turns out that digging into a sloped lot and creating a walk-out basement is actually less expensive overall than pouring a massive concrete foundation that can stabilize a hilltop home.

Because we're using the natural lay of the land in the most-efficient way, walk-out basements actually drive down the per-square-foot cost of your home. Ultimately, you're adding several hundred square feet—possibly even more than a thousand—onto a home for a greatly reduced rate.

Versatile Space

This isn't just an extra four walls and a door; a walk-out basement in a McMillin home is just as well-appointed as the above-ground portion and boasts a full bathroom, bedroom, and large multi-purpose room. It's potential uses are limited only by your imagination or the amount of furniture you have! Jokes aside, it's a great addition to any home, and the relative isolation and quiet makes a walk-out basement ideal for a home office, media room, man cave, and more.

Resale Value

In most cases, we love talking about how the local architects and designers we employ help McMillin build homes that complement the natural surroundings and culture of the area. In the case of walk-out basements, however, we make an exception and proudly says it's better to stand out.

When it comes down to it, walk-out basements—or basements of any kind, actually—are relatively unique in the Texas Hill Country. Most people build around the topography or simply level everything in site, so a home with a walk-out basement definitely will be a rarity. You'll be sitting in one of the few homes in the area that has taken advantage of the hills we so love around here, and if it ever comes time to sell, the novelty and extra space may help make your home a more-attractive option for buyers.

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