Put Your Home on Cruise Control with Control4

Home automation solutions from McMillin Homes and Control4 help you save money, stay safe, and breathe easy

Take a quick look around you; how many electronic gadgets, gizmos, and doodads do you see? If you’re like most people, you’re surrounded by smart phones, computers, and a score of electronic devices that are supposed to “simplify” your life. But what often happens is you spend tons of money and time trying to make all these things work just the way you need them to.

That doesn’t have to be the case in your home, thanks to the latest-and-greatest home automation gear from Control4. True, we’ve been promised the home of the future for six decades, but it’s better late than never - and with the equipment and options available in a new McMillin Home, you’ll likely say it was worth the wait.

Save energy and save money

We talk a lot about energy efficiency, and for good reason. We have only two seasons down here - summer and almost-summer - so it makes sense to watch energy use. But we empathize with those who don’t want to spend their weekends squeezing dimes out of their electric bill (though there are easy ways to do this).

Home control systems make it easy by taking the load off you and automating your savings. A Control4 system allows you to:

  • Automatically adjust your shades and thermostat for the greatest efficiency according to the time of day or even the season.
  • Control your thermostat using your phone.
  • Reduce energy use with dimmers, timers, and occupancy sensors.
  • Program your sprinkler system to run during the most energy-efficient time.

Keep your family and home safe

Home safety has a number of meanings, but sometimes you just want a way to know things are secure. Control4 systems can lock your entire home with one touch and can send you alerts when a security-related event is triggered - a garage door is left open, the security system is triggered, a window is opened, and more.

Additionally, you can assign temporary security codes for workers you allow into your home and use cameras to monitor activity from anywhere. And most features are available from your smart phone.

Make your day a little easier

Sometimes, it would be nice if your home took care of you, instead of the other way around. Imagine being able to have the shades draw, the lights dim, the temperature set, the home theater equipment fire up, and the movie start - all with one touch of one remote. Sounds nice, right?

Control4 can do that and set the mood for movie night. You also have the option for multi-room music and lighting control systems that are designed to simplify your life and make your home a peaceful refuge.