The San Antonio Heat is Coming… Are You Ready?

Whether you have actually experienced summer in San Antonio or have just heard tales of mercury rising day after day, it’s no laughing matter around this neck of the woods.  The summer heat can be unbearable and finding yourself with an air conditioning unit that isn’t working properly is no doubt a summertime nightmare that you certainly don’t want to live out.  The best way to beat the heat this summer is to have your AC unit serviced regularly before it gets put to maximum use this summer.

No one likes to spend their hard earned cash on home maintenance, but it’s even less fun to spend it on costly repairs when things go wrong.  Just like your car, your air conditioning unit needs regular check-ups and maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape for the long haul. 

When choosing a company to service your AC unit, be sure they address all of the major components and do a full inspection and test of your unit.  This should include oiling fan motors, checking amp draw of the compressor, making sure belts are in good condition and are well adjusted, checking temperatures compared to the manufacturer’s specifications, and checking all system operating pressures.  Of course, of utmost importance is checking the coolant level.  This is the Freon in the system and low levels of it can cause heat to overpower your unit and air to not cool properly.

There are regulations in place for the use of Freon so be sure and use a professional company to complete your air conditioner maintenance so that it is used properly.

Even AC units in new homes need routine maintenance.  Today’s air conditioners are complicated pieces of equipment and need to be monitored by professionals who know how to properly keep them running efficiently and cost effectively and keeping you and your loved ones cool as a cucumber!

So, whether you are in a new home or one that’s been loved and lived in for a while.  Take the time to have your AC unit serviced today before the heat is officially on!


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