How Smart is Your Thermostat?


Nest Thermostat

The team at McMillin homes is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest technology and amenities for our new home buyers.  Towards that goal we now proudly offer the ultimate thermostat for controlling your new home environment – The Nest Thermostat. The Nest Learning Thermostat was designed and built by former Apple employees that created the iPod & iPhone.  Their goal was to build a thermostat that was easy to use, beautifully designed and the ultimate in energy efficiency. They nailed it and now it can be part of your new McMillin home.

Here’s what you need to know…

  • The Nest Learning Thermostat can be setup with an initial program and then continuously learns from its owners as they adjust the temperature throughout the week for maximum comfort and energy savings. 
  • The thermostat also uses multiple sensors that are capable of detecting when your home is occupied and when it is not. In ‘Away’ mode the system is able to conserve energy and keep more money in your pocket.
  • Homeowners have the ability to control their Nest Thermostat using a smart phone or web browser from anywhere you have a network connection. 
  • If you have multiple Nest thermostats in your house they will be aware of each other and work together.
  • Airwave technology is built into your Nest thermostat which turns the compressor off a few minutes before reaching your target temperature. It then runs the fan alone until your home reaches the target temperature. This can allow your air conditioner to run up to 30% less.  In the Texas heat where many ACs run all day, this is a huge savings for homeowners.
  • The  system is equipt with a 10 day energy use history display to help you learn how your new home uses energy and monthly energy usage can be emailed to your inbox.
  • A time to temperature feature allows you to see just how long your AC system will run to get to the temperature you desire.
  • Nest will push software updates to your thermostat through its secure Wi-Fi connection so that your system is always up to date.

All of these features and more make this one of the best energy saving, easy to use and beautiful amenities you’ll ever put in your home. Learn more about the Nest Learning Thermostat at and how it can maximize your comfort and save you money at the same time!