You May be Ready for Fall… But is Your Yard?

The Texas heat seems like it’s never going to let up, but there is an end in sight!  Although we have probably not seen our last one hundred degree day in San Antonio, the coolness of fall is right around the corner.  And with fall comes planning for landscaping and lawn care to survive the cooler seasons to come.

If you are planning to lay new sod in your yard before summer ends, be sure make sure you water it daily.  This should be done for at least a two weeks to be sure that the grass is established and will be well rooted by the time the winter chill hits our area.

The ideal time to plant trees in South Texas is in the late fall or winter.  This way, the trees have time to get established and develop roots before the blazing heat takes over.  So, August is the perfect time to begin your research and decide what type of trees will work best in your yard and where is the ideal location for them.  You will have to consider the type of soil, how sunlight will affect it, as well as how readily available water will be. 

If you still want color in your yard during the rest of these hot months try tropical plants that are heat loving or annuals in beds or containers.  Lantana, bougainvillea, hibiscus, marigolds and zinnia are a few options for adding color in the summer heat.

Whatever look you are going for in your yard, it’s important to do the right groundwork to keep it healthy throughout the changing seasons.  What you do in your yard now can make a big difference on how it looks in the fall. Ideally, you should start preparing yard six weeks before the first freeze.  So, grab a big bottle of water, cover up in some sunscreen and head out to get your yard in tip top shape for the upcoming season.