Technology + Design = Ultimate Design Experience

With the new McMillin Homes design center comes some amazing new technology that takes the home building experience to a whole new level.  Through the use of the iPad and Apple TV McMillin home buyers are able to journey through endless possibilities in design right from the comfort of their chair in the design center.

The design center now has three video monitors including one for the lounge, one for structure and wiring plans, and a third that brings design vinyettes to life for the buyer. 

When planning the structure and wiring in your home, buyers view on monitors as McMillin design experts show exactly where things like wall outlets and surround sound wiring will be located in their home as well as what it will look like.  Customers are given a unique view thanks to the technology during this phase of the home building process.

The real magic comes when buyers move to the design area.  Everything from tile patterns, to molding sizes, lighting ideas and built-ins come to life through the powerful technology.  Trying to remember what that backsplash looked like in the model you fell in love with?  No need to drive across town to see the design elements used in the model home a buyer wants to recreate. With just a quick click of the iPad, McMillin experts can instantly bring up photos of models to help buyers get the exact look they want in their home.  Everyone’s time is limited, and having the vivid images of the model homes right in the design center lets buyers see much more in much less time.

A smart buyer is an educated buyer and at McMillin homes we are constantly striving to find new ways to educate and guide our buyers.  The technology featured in the new Design Center takes the home building process to a new level and puts McMillin Homes ahead of the pack in providing the best buying opportunity for their customers.