iPods, and Smartphones, and Tablets OH MY!

iPods, and Smartphones, and Tablets… OH MY!

Nowadays the number of devices each of us own that require the use of a USB cable seems to be growing exponentially. Keeping these gadgets charged and ready to go is as much of a struggle as finding the wall adapter to plug it into. The designers and builders at McMillin homes have a solution for you and are now including USB power outlets as a newly available option when planning the design of your new home.

With multiple people in a home and everyone having several electronic devices, computer stations can be quickly overrun with cords and cables and fights for the USB ports become common. Adding these upgraded outlets that include the USB ports give everyone in the home plenty of places to charge their devices in their own spaces without crowding or cord clutter!

Whether it’s a Smartphone, tablet, e-reader, camera, or even the newest iPad mini the USB charger with tamper resistant receptacle can quickly and easily charge the device directly from the standard outlet without the use of a bulky adapter.

Today’s homes are filled top to bottom with amazing feats in technology like the USB power outlets. From Smart thermostats like the Nest system to refrigerators with LCD screens, and security systems controlled from your smart phone to laser robot vacuum cleaners, we all know technology is ever changing. It is crucial to choose a builder who changes with it!

The team at McMillin Homes continues to stay current in how the latest technologies can benefit their buyers. You won’t find us trying to push ALL of the latest and greatest inventions just to up-sell your new home. Instead, we take the time to discover what technology is truly right for you and your lifestyle in your new home.

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