Home Organization is Key for Back to School Bliss

Yes, the calendar has barely been flipped over to August-but it’s time to starting thinking “BACK to SCHOOL!”  While there’s still some time left for summer fun, it’s also time to get organized around your home to make the transition of sending your kiddos back to school a smooth one.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin to plan for the coming weeks of school ready preparation.

School clothes can be a major stumbling block in many homes during the early morning rush.  Simplify by cleaning out closets now and removing any clothes that no longer fit.  When it’s time for school, let your children choose their outfits for the week.  Place the five outfits in a drawer or hanging organizer and then clothes can be chosen quickly each morning with little time wasted on decision making.

Now’s a good time to start thinking about school day meal planning.  Spend time with kids looking online or in cookbooks and head to the grocery store to find fun ideas for lunches to pack.  Packing lunches at night also helps the madness of the morning routine flow smoothly.  For after school snacks have storage containers available in the refrigerator and pantry with prepared snacks that can be grabbed quickly.  Baggies of fruits or veggies can be prepped and ready in advance for a quick and healthy bite.  The end of summer is also a good time to start thinking about meal planning for dinnertime so that the evenings are organized well for family time.

With the school year comes many after school activities and having a calendar in your home as a central information zone is imperative.  Sports activities, music lessons, and school events can all be posted for the whole family to see.  When everyone knows what’s going on, it’s much easier to get the family into a good routine.

Students need a “homework spot” that they can count on as part of their routine.  Find somewhere in your home where you can have a set of school supplies ready so that homework time is a consistent part of the routine and less of a battle. 

Lastly with the school year comes the paperwork!  Create a home filing system to avoid the major paper pile-up,  Return papers to school immediately that must be returned, and find a place for other paperwork to be saved in a spot that does not cause disarray.

With a few simple steps now in between the last days of fun in the sun, you can get your home and family ready for their best school year ever!

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