San Antonio Temperatures and Home Values are Hot!

It’s summertime!  The temps are rising, school is out, and families all over the country are using this time of year to buy homes and move.  Summer is the busiest time of year for moving and is also part of the busiest home buying season.

Combine the season with the current low interest rates, and the steady increase in property values in San Antonio and you’ll certainly see that you are considering a new home, there’s no time like the present!

With a 31% jump in home sales in May 2013 compared to May of last year, San Antonio is among the top housing markets in the state.  It’s a surge that our city has seen happening consistently since early spring and has sales hitting a five year high. 

Both existing and new homes in San Antonio have had a steady increase in value.  According to the Bexar County Appraisal District home values are set to rise approximately 2 percent with overall property values set to gain around 5% this year.

Many potential home buyers are taking the leap and buying now as they see rates start to rise a bit.  When it appears the rates may have hit their low and begin to creep up, buyers know the time is right.

The growing demand for new homes has even caused the inventory of these homes to be slim.  Prices of new homes may be higher, but the demand for new homes in San Antonio is high and builders are continuing to strive to keep up with that demand. 

If you have been considering building a new home in San Antonio, now’s the time.  Come see us at McMillin San Antonio and take advantage of this great time in the San Antonio housing market.  Let’s break ground on your dream home today!

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