Is Your New Home Being Inspected Heartily or Hardly Inspected?

FrameworkThroughout the building process the team at McMillin Homes does everything we can to ensure that no detail is missed and no stone is left unturned in the process of building your new home.  From the planning phases, throughout the building and then handing over the key we want our homeowner to feel confident that they are getting nothing but our best!

The inspection process of your home while it is under construction is no exception.  Each home we build is inspected at several critical stages by licensed third-party inspectors.  This insures each of our homeowners a fair and thorough inspection of areas such as the foundation, framing, insulation, plumbing and more.

So what exactly does this mean to you?  It means: the convenience of not having to hire your own inspectors, money saved to pay that inspector, and the security of knowing the inspector is a third-party independent professional with your best interest in mind. 

And, because we pride ourselves on going above and beyond our inspections go above and beyond many others.  For example:

•    Before & after pour inspection by independent engineers & VA/FHA inspectors
•    Pre-mechanical inspection to check rough grade, roof decking, deck nailing & flashing
•    Pre-drywall inspection by VA/FHA or city inspectors to ensure consistency of our homes  
•    Regional manager walks every home approximately one week prior to homeowner walk
•    Regional manager signs off that work is complete to McMillin standards
•    VA/FHA inspector & engineering company verifies final positive grade
•    Camera run through sewer line to ensure no blockages exist & recorded in case it’s needed in the future for plumbing issues

These details may not seem like that much to the average Joe, but trust us-at McMillin we know that the extra effort put into each of these areas and all of the other parts of the inspection process is worth its weight in gold.

Rest assured that your McMillin home is being inspected heartily throughout the building process!

Quality inspections lead to more satisfied homeowners who can cross the threshold into their new home with confidence and enjoy the start of their new home owning adventure!

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