Is B.O.L for Y.O.U?

So you’ve got the perfect piece of land purchased and the time has finally come to start building your dream home on it.  When it comes to Building on your Own Lot (BOL) there are many things to consider and McMillin homes might be just who you need to make your dreams a reality!

When deciding what home to build on your land, you can opt for a custom home builder or choose to work with a company like McMillin with a long standing reputation of success in the BOL industry.  Rather than building your home completely custom from plans on paper, our BOL program allows buyers to choose from a fabulous variety of existing plans and then customize them to fit your needs.

So why is this better than building completely custom?  One reason is that when a home is designed on paper and then built, often things aren’t quite what the buyer hoped they would be once they are built.  How frustrating it would be to see that once the home is built, things aren’t exactly what you thought they would be based on paper plans.  By selecting from McMillin's BOL floor plan options you know that the home has been built before and the kinks have been worked out so that your home will not disappoint.  By customizing the plans for your family, each buyer makes their home unique to their family and the perfect fit for their lives on the property they’ve waited to live on.

Another great benefit of McMillin’s BOL program is the in house financing. Through our McMillin mortgage company, we are able to finance your home at competitive rates saving you the added time and expense of dealing with outside lenders.  Building your home with our money streamlines the process and makes it much easier for the buyer.

And of course, as with building any McMillin home, you have the beauty and convenience of the McMillin Design Center at your fingertips.  Rather than running all over town from the tile company, to carpet company, to the paint store to pick your home’s details, you will do it all in the comfort of our state of the art design center.

All of this, plus our exceptional customer service and the benefit of our experienced BOL experts make McMillin homes a great place to start your search when looking for a builder to build the home you’ve always imagined on your property.

Come see our BOL models at our Copper Ridge or Venado Creek communities today and you just might find yourself one step closer to life in the home of your dreams.

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