We've Got the Look!

When it comes to the look of a home, the first thing you notice from the moment you drive up is the architecture and design of the elevation, or front of the home.  It’s a make it or break it moment for any home buyer and can lead you to falling in love with a home and/or a home builder or… exactly the opposite! 

As you drive through some builders neighborhoods, you quickly get the cookie cutter feel and can tell that the design and architecture is limited.  House after house looks much the same, and there is little room for creative elements to be integrated.  Many times even multiple neighborhoods by the same builder have the same look due to the in-house architect doing all of the plans and spreading them all over town.

McMillin’s architecture has a much different feel than that of its competitors and there’s a good reason why.  McMillin homes are designed with the perfect combination of minds: our in-house team working together with some amazing talent from other architectural firms.  This talented team of people gives our homeowners top-notch designs, from a variety of sources that match their budget.

Working with experienced design firms such as Luna Design & Associates, McMillin homes has found the key to offering buyers the latest trends and to keeping our look up to date and unique.  The expertise and diversity that using an architectural firm in conjunction with our own team brings is unmatched by any builder using only an in-house designer and allows our designs to constantly evolve.

Building homes with balconies and counter height islands are just a couple recent trends that Robert Luna has shared with us recently that you can now see in some of our home floor plans.  Sometimes we even see things at Parade of Homes venues that we love and before you know it, these ideas are weaved into the McMillin homes designs.

While other builders homes tend to look the same year after year, our team sees what’s new and our designs can develop.  Inspiration is everywhere and finding new design ideas that our homeowners love is why we don’t skimp when it comes to design.  Our designs look like a million bucks without homeowners having to spend that to get the look!

Take a look around the elevations on our website or drive through one of our neighborhoods, and you’ll quickly see why we choose the team of designers we choose and you’ll also feel honored to live in a house with a touch of design from the best of the best!

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