Now Showing: HERS Ratings on McMillin Homes San Antonio’s Website!

You’re favorite San Antonio home builder is excited to be adding a new addition to our website that will benefit each of our homeowners…HERS ratings are here!

What’s a HERS rating and what’s it go to do with building my home??

A Home Energy Rating, or HERS index score is a measurement of a home’s energy efficiency.  Like the MPG sticker on a car, the HERS tells buyers how energy efficient their home is compared to homes that are similar.  The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) created HERS score uses a scale that has an imaginary reference home with a HERS score of 100 representing code minimum.  

Most existing homes have a HERS score over 100 since the majority of them do not meet the standards set in the code in 2006.  Each point scored lower than the standard 100 score represents a 1% reduction in energy consumption.  So, if a home has a HERS score of 70 it uses 30% less energy than a code-minimum home of the same size and shape.

Some aspects of the home that are tested include:
•    Exterior walls
•    Floors over garages
•    Ceilings and roofs
•    Attics, foundations, and crawlspaces
•    Windows and doors, vents and ductwork
•    HVAC systems, water heating systems, and thermostat
•    Air leakage of the home

With energy costs continuing to rise at alarming rates, when it comes time to build a home you MUST consider the future costs involved in maintaining the home.  According to RESNET, the average percentage of after-tax income spent on energy costs for homeowners was projected to be 21% for 2012, a substantial rise from 16% in 2005.

Along with giving you a good idea of what your energy costs will be when considering a floor plan, knowing the HERS rating of your home has additional benefits to you as a homeowner such as having the HERS information on your home will help with resale value in the long run.

When shopping through the floor plans on our McMillin Homes San Antonio website, be sure to notice the HERS ratings.  You will find ratings MUCH less than the 100 point standard.  Check the Kensington in the Preserve at the Cliffs at Cibolo with a HERS rating of 66, or the 4408 plan in Venado Creek with a rating of only 61!  You’ll be glad for years to come that you invested in a home and partnered with a San Antonio home builder that had energy efficiency in mind.

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