From Dusty Trails to Hammer and Nails: Texas Homes Land Development

From Dusty Trails to Hammer and Nails: Texas Homes Land Development

Posted on June 25, 2020

Ever wonder just how your neighborhood got its start?  How did your home end up on that perfect street in just the right part of town, on the most fantastic piece of land?  The answer is time, careful planning and expertise by land development professionals.

At Texas Homes, we invest a great deal of time, money and expertise to be sure that our communities are built to last.  Neighborhoods can sustain and remain an asset to their city or can crumble over the years and become more of an eyesore than a pleasant addition to an area.

A large majority of our neighborhoods start with a piece of undeveloped land.  Many builders today use outside land development companies to come in and get the land ready for building.  Sometimes it’s easier to let the other guy do the hard work up front!  That’s not the case here, because when it comes to new homes in San Antonio, we choose to lead with our own land development team.  Our team, alongside specialized experts in the field often takes more than two years to get a piece of land from find to foundation in order to get it just right!

From finding the land to building a home, most people have no idea how much goes into the process.  In order for a developer to build a residential neighborhood on a piece of land, it must be studied for many different things before the lots can begin to take shape. Many regulations exist that must be followed as the process gets going.  City and state jurisdictions, zoning rules, access to utilities, geology and recharge zones are just a few of the things that are considered before Texas Homes is given entitlement to the land and then has the right to build on it.

The topography, trees, open space and other natural features of the land are all considered when deciding how best to layout the lots and to plan where homes can be built.  By looking at things such as the slope of the land and the views, the creative minds in our development team are able to figure the size of lots that are appropriate for the homes to be built and piece together the layout of the community.

Usually starting with pencil and paper, the communities take shape and each lot is designed to provide the best location for the future home owners who will someday call this spot their own. The time and energy put into the land development process at Texas Homes is yet another reason we remain a favorite in the San Antonio home building market.  You just never know where the next Texas Homes Master planned development will turn up.  But rest assured, the process will lead to a fantastic community for many families in San Antonio and the surrounding area that will be around for generations to come!